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Marie-Antoinette, In Her Own Words

Centuries after her death, Marie-Antoinette remains one of the most compelling and talked-about women in the world. Discover the inner life of this misunderstood icon in a one-woman show, as Molière Award-winning actress Barbara Schulz takes the audience on Marie-Antoinette's fascinating journey from teenage bride in an arranged marriage to desperate and broken queen, hours before her execution.  A vivid portrayal of this legendary figure, directed by Katherine Adamov, and written by French historian Evelyne Lever using Marie-Antoinette’s personal letters. In French with English supertitles.

Barbara Schulz (Marie-Antoinette)
Barbara Schulz is one of France's leading theatrical, television and film actresses.  A native of Bordeaux, she moved to Paris as a child, and at 15 began to study acting at the renowned “Cours Simon.”  In the years since, she has appeared in over 50 films and television programs, including La Dilettante, for which she was nominated for a César (French “Oscar”) as “Most Promising Young Actress.”   On the Parisian stage, she has appeared in leading roles ranging from Pygmalion to Antigone.  She played opposite Gerard Depardieu as his daughter in Les Portes du Ciel (The Doors of Heaven) for which she was nominated for her first Molière award, which is the French equivalent of the Tonys.   She later won the Molière as “Best Young Actress” for her portrayal of Julie in the very successful stage production of Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter) by Jean Poiret.  She is currently preparing to star in a play based on the life of “Kiki of Montparnasse.”

Katherine Adamov (Director)
Katherine Adamov is an actress, a director and a producer. Born in Paris of Russian-Armenian immigrants, she graduated from the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Paris. She then came to New York where she studied with Lee Strasberg. As an actress, she has appeared on the French stage in more than 30 plays including Chekov’s Three Sisters and Ionesco’s Macbett, and in many television films and series.  As a producer, she produced a number of television movies and documentaries including Marcel Marceau Speaks, From Lenin to Lennon, and a series about contemporary music, Sound and Silence, with John Cage. As a director she has adapted and directed The Elephant Man in Paris, Resident Alien at La Mama in New York, and L’Archtecte, a contemporary opera in Strasbourg.  She is proud to consider herself a tri-cultural, tri-lingual citizen of the world.

Evelyne Lever (Adaptor/Author)
Evelyne Lever is a leading French historian and author of seven books, including Madame de Pompadour, Philippe Egalité, Louis XVIII, Louis XVI, and Marie-Antoinette, The Last Queen of France.  She served as historical consultant on Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette in 2006.  Her adaptation of Marie-Antoinette’s letters into a play was first performed as a reading at the Festival de la Correspondance in Grignan, France, in 2007.  FTF’s production marks the first full theatrical staging of this exciting work.

Ticket prices are $35 for the general public, and $20 for students (with valid student ID).